Columbia faculty are calling for divestment.

Sign the Faculty Letter.

More than 340 Columbia faculty have co-signed a letter calling on President Lee Bollinger and the Columbia Board of Trustees to divest from fossil fuels.

The letter was covered in The Guardian in January 2015, and received national media attention. If you are a Columbia faculty member, we would love for you to join your colleagues and co-sign the letter!

“To put it bluntly: The fossil fuel industry’s leaders are knowingly pursuing, and declare themselves intent on continuing to pursue, a business model that is damaging climate stability and thus imposing unconscionable risks not only upon our own people, but also upon populations who have not significantly contributed to rising temperatures and sea levels. The industry reaps the rewards and refuses to pay the costs. This is not only reckless, it exacerbates long-standing global inequalities of wealth and race.”

— Over 340 Columbia faculty, in their open letter supporting divestment

Write a Statement of Support

Each Columbia faculty member has an area of expertise that is relevant to the fight against climate change and the campaign for fossil fuel divestment. If you are interested in contributing a statement of support (separate from the letter above) reflecting your particular thoughts or knowledge, please email us columbiadivest (at) gmail (dot) com. We greatly appreciate your expression of support!

Here’s just part of one example, with more to be published soon…

“Divesting from fossil fuels would be a powerful message for Columbia to send and would be consistent with the best scientific evidence on the dangers of climate change. Much of that evidence has been produced by Columbia scientists. It is ironic that Columbia, on the one hand, is a world leader in climate science and, on the other hand, invests in fossil fuels that cause the problem we are studying! The time is right to now get the message correct: intensify study of how to learn to live on this planet in harmony with the physical limits it presents and to act to halt the damage caused by fossil fuel burning. Divestment is the right decision for Columbia to make.”

— Richard Seagar, Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory