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Dear President Bollinger, I stand with the students sitting in for fossil fuel divestment. 

Follow this link to send an email to President Bollinger’s office in support of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice’s action today. Fill in your name & school or affiliation at the bottom of the email! Let’s flood his office with support for CDCJ. If the link doesn’t work for you, simply email and CC with a quick message of why you support us.

(If the link does not open a new email window with a prepared template, simply copy and paste this message into an email addressed to “” and CC’ed to “”:

“Dear President Bollinger,

I am a part of the Columbia community and I call on you to publicly recommend fossil fuel divestment to the Board of Trustees immediately. Even the two University Professors you named signed on to a statement calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies that do not meet certain criteria – criteria that no fossil fuel company today meets. The students sitting in are taking a brave, moral stance for our future, threatened by climate catastrophe that these companies fuel. Columbia must lead, not follow, and you have the power to make divestment happen. Recommend divestment now.

Thank you.”)

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Thank you!
Columbia Divest for Climate Justice