Columbia Divest for Climate Justice

Join the campaign to divest Columbia's $9B endowment from oil and gas (coal is done!).


2/28/2017: Columbia Divest for Climate Justice releases a statement resisting the ACSRI’s recommendation for coal divestment (read here)


Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (CDCJ) is a coalition of Columbia University students, faculty, and community members dedicated to divesting our $9.2B endowment from the fossil fuel industry as part of the broader movement for climate justice. We were founded in 2012, and we will continue to mobilize student power on campus until the Board of Trustees commits to divestment.

We meet weekly at 8:30pm on Mondays in Hamilton 411 – join us!
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Recent announcements: 

2/22/2017: Columbia’s Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing recommends divestment from thermal coal to the Board of Trustees, marking Columbia’s first commitment to fossil fuel divestment. See our response here.

4/14/2016: CDCJ members are beginning a sit-in outside of President Bollinger’s office. See our press release here.

2/16/2015: CDCJ members disrupted a BP event on campus. See our press release here.

11/20/2015: Read our response to the ASCRI’s rejection of our proposal here

10/6/2015: We have published our first, formal proposal for divestment from the Carbon Underground 200 list of fossil fuel companies and submitted it to the Board of Trustees & the Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI). Read it here.

Columbia profits from climate change.
What are you going to do about it?